Do It Yourself Custom BlackBerry Cases

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I Make My Case

Design a custom BlackBerry case by remixing innovative art


Mix & Match - Tough Cases for BlackBerry Phones

Mix and match your custom BlackBerry case colors


We like to think of our mantra as the “Freedom to Be Truly You,” and the time has come to unleash it on the world. Whether you have a Blackberry 9700 or a BlackBerry 8520 our custom phone cases have you covered. With options from mix and matching colors and textures to designing cases with the help of world renowned artists to uploading your own photo or design, we’re giving you the power to make your custom phone case truly yours.

DIY - Custom Cases

Is do-it-yourself your favorite section at the bookstore? Think you’ve got what it takes to do-it-yourself? Did you pick up a copy of “Custom Cases for Dummies” last week?? Upload your original image to our DIY case-maker site and leave the rest to us. We’ll put it through our ‘case-mate-erator’ and turn it into a beautiful, protective and durable personalized case.

IMakeMyCase - Custom Cases by World Class Artists

Want a personalized phone case but not sure what to do? Get a little inspiration from one of our world renowned artists and design something unique and one-of-a-kind using elements from the artist of your choice with our case customizer.

Mix & Match - Custom Tough Case Protection

Protection. Durability. Choice. What more can you ask for in a case? Our Hybrid Tough Case is just that, TOUGH. Mix and match colors to suit your taste and give your phone a custom look with ultimate Tough protection.

Custom Cases by Device:
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